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About Jessica Graves

Adoption is extremely close to Jessica’s heart. Jessica and her two siblings were all adopted (both as infant international adoptions and through the foster care system). Jessica’s personal experiences in adoption allow her to connect and understand adoptive parents, adoptive children, and birth mothers.


Jessica is a double Wildcat—Bear Down!

  • University of Arizona, B.S., Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • University of Arizona, J.D., Family & Juvenile Law Certificate
    • Arizona Law Review, Note Editor
    • Family & Juvenile Law Association, Vice President


  • More Than a Bed, Foster & Adoptive Resource Center
  • Angel Charity
  • Recipient of The Arizona Daily Star's 40 Under 40 Award, December 2019
  • Pima County Bar Association
  • Southern Arizona Women Lawyers Association
  • Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Families of Tucson, Board Member
  • Junior League of Tucson

Why did you choose adoption law?

  • Jessica and her two siblings were all adopted, and with three different stories. Jessica was born in Seoul, Korea. At three months old, she flew from Korea to the United States where she met her forever family. Jessica’s sister was adopted from China at 18 months old, and her little brother was adopted from the foster care system. Her family celebrates her brother’s “Gotcha Day”, the day his adoption finalized and he legally became part of their family.
  • Needless to say, Jessica is passionate about adoption and creating forever families. She also understands the struggles adoptive families and foster families go through during their family building process. She is an advocate for these families.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys country music, backpacking with her husband, being with family, teaching Pure Barre, and eating gummy bears, ice cream, and jelly beans.

Jessica’s Plane Day

Each year, Jessica and her family celebrate the day she flew from Korea to America. It has always been deemed her "Plane Day". This is such a special day for Jessica’s family. She would celebrate it with her classmates, family, and friends. During elementary school, she would bring in treats and explain her adoption and what her Plane Day meant. It is a day that she and her family continue to cherish and celebrate. In fact, Jessica, her sister, and her brother all celebrate their Plane Days and Gotcha Day (Jessica’s brother was adopted domestically through foster care, so his adoption did not involve an airplane!). Additionally, Jessica has a “Seoul Sister." Jessica and her Seoul Sister were both adopted as infants from Seoul, Korea and have maintained a sister relationship since infancy.

What is your history as an adoption attorney?

Jessica clerked for a law firm practicing exclusively in adoption law during her last summer and final year as a law student. After graduating from law school, Jessica worked as an Associate for the firm until opening her own practice. Since graduation, Jessica has worked exclusively in adoptions and has helped finalize over 1,000 adoptions.

How does your history help in your representation of birth mothers?

Jessica recognizes the strength of her birth parents in making the difficult decision to place her for adoption. It had to have been an incredibly difficult decision for her birth parents, but she is thankful for their courageous choice. She could not be where she is today helping children and families without her birth parents’ strength.

What makes you different from other attorneys?

Jessica’s family has been personally touched by adoption. Both she and her two siblings were adopted, so she is able to share in some of the experiences of foster and adoptive families. Through her parents’ own experiences, she has seen firsthand the struggles of adoptive families. She is also able to recognize how truly incredible foster and adoptive parents are in opening up their hearts to children in need. It takes very special people to adopt a child into their hearts. Jessica recognizes these individuals, respects them to the highest degree, and is passionate about helping kids and families like her own.

Jessica is also able to see the struggles of infertility within her own community of friends.

She has numerous friends whose journey to parenthood includes infertility. Jessica recognizes the struggles and emotions, and she wants to be able to provide them with support and guidance as they navigate the legal framework of becoming parents through assisted reproductive technology.

What kinds of adoptions do you handle?

Jessica represents prospective adoptive parents in the following types of matters: foster care adoptions (when the Department of Child Safety is involved), private direct adoptions, adoption agency adoptions, relative adoptions, grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions, and adult adoptions.

Will your office keep up to date throughout the adoptions process?

Jessica will walk you through every step of the way and will keep you informed of everything in your matter.

What is your favorite part being an adoption lawyer?

Jessica absolutely loves being at the finalization hearings when she is able to help create forever families. Through her parents’ and brother’s experiences with the foster care system, she can appreciate what foster and adoptive families and children go through.

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